Plug my soul

Letra y música: Juan Salvador

You’re made of warm wood
And the steel is your taste
You belong to the greatest
You can sound like a train going down the railroad
The whispering of a lonely girl

A huge overdrived explosion
A wave in an endless sea
You make me feel like anything does
I won’t leave you

Like I need you, you need me
You’re the thunder I carry on my shoulder
Give me the sound, I’ll give you passion
Give me the sound, I’ll give you love
Give me the sound, got in my fingers what you’re looking for

Maybe storm, maybe soft rain
You scream, you cry, you shout
By your side, I feel complete
I won’t leave you

Ain’t got no merci
Are you fire?
Then burn me
All I need is an AC30

Baby, plug my soul
Baby come here and plug my soul