Drive me home tonight

Letra: Amparo Ballester, Alberto Lorenzo y Juan Salvador
Música: Alberto Lorenzo, Pablo González y Juan Salvador

You gotta fight, and one should hide
That you want to get high
It’s not a need that you must please, to hit the club

I’ll sell my soul for just more time
I need to stay in home tonight
And you’ll carry my brain to the dark

Don’t wanna be above those lights
There’s a thing my head just can’t stand
Won’t you please, stay back?

Drive me home tonight

Won’t play your game, so get away
Don’t share the things that you care
You just try to mess myself again

Need my pillow, need my bed
Need the silence in my head
Shut your mouth and lose yourself

This night I’ll make the things my way
Close my eyes and it’ll be ok
Give me a break

Drive me home tonight