Diggin’ on Schumann

Letra y música: Juan Salvador

There’s a corner in this town
In loneliness boulevard
Where every nowhere people meet
And share their time

I felt like going
But then I sat in front, the black white keys
And I know that many things exist
To make you run away
Dirty love, stardust and old friend jack

I’ve been walking so long
Searching for the answer
And I think what I have to do…

Is diggin’ on Schumann

A hammer in my head, coffee in my lips
Nails in my hand, it’s been many nights with no sleep
Do I need a cure, do I need a cure?
To find the illness of feeling alone

And I won’t leave these minor chords
They really make me feel secure
They bring me up and down
They’re never wrong… Ooh lord, ooh lord
Please take me to the place
Where I would be able
Where I would be able to…

Diggin’ on Schumann